Cardistry Playing Cards - Colour

Cardistry Playing Cards - Colour
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Wieder ein neu gestaltetes Kartenspiel für den Bereich der Spielkartenjonglage, die sich Cardistery nennt.

This deck, with its geometric modern style is already a classic deck for cardistry.

The springy stock makes performing and flourishing with these cards a real pleasure! The United States Playing Card Company was chosen as the materials and inks they use ensure that the cards have a great snap and feel to them.

The back of the cards provide an awesome visual effect when performing fans, spins, spreads....

If you are a fan of Cardistry you cannot miss this fantastic deck!

- Unique design and perfect details treatment.
- Geometric element coupled with vivid colors.
- Custom faces coupled classic style.
- Printed by The United States Playing Card Company.
- Bee Stock and AIR-Cushion Finish.

• The cards are poker size.

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