Tenyo - Mental Bento

Tenyo - Mental Bento
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Professionelle Mentalmagie mit Hilfe einer kleinen Bento Box.
Das raffinierte Gimmick verrät, welche Häppchen der Zuschauer im Geheimen gewählt hat.

Mindreading with food!?

An Incredibly clever gimmick indicates choices to you instantly!!

Perform professional-level mental magic using a miniature bento box! The clever gimmick instantly indicates which food items are secretly chosen, enabling you to accurately divine the spectator’s choices. The impact of this telepathy demonstration is incredibly powerful because it deals with the spectator’s favorite food! This easy-to-learn magic is fun to perform, and fun to watch!

1. Display six types of Japanese food in a miniature bento box.
2. While your back is turned, a spectator hides two favorite foods in his fist. He then covers the box with its lid.
3. Even though you cannot see inside his hand, or inside the bento box, you immediately announce the foods he has picked!

Salmon! Omelet!

Bento box set.
Fully illustrated instructions.

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