Imagination Box

Imagination Box
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by Olivier Pont

Mit diesem Kunststück lassen Sie auf dem Kartenspiel viele kleine Gegenständer erscheinen.

Sehen Sie sich das Video an.

Eine kleine Bastelarbeit ist notwendig.

What could be better than being able to make things appear and disappear at any given time? Transform an object into another, change the value of a bill, restore a torn card or picture... or even better: TURN A SIMPLE DRAWING INTO REALITY!

With this gimmick, everything is possible, and YOUR IMAGINATION is the limit!

Don't look further because it's right here, in front of your eyes!

Whether you are standing or sitting, outside in the street, at a cocktail party, regardless of your particular magic style, everything will be possible for you.

Discover an endless flow of creative possibilities! Are your old tricks stale and boring? Freshen them up with the Imagination Box.

Find a card in a way that will blow your spectator's mind and make incredible appearances!

Repeat your tricks as much as you'd like with the help of the provided erasable sticker.

If you do card tricks, you will always want to carry your Imagination Box, so you can be ready to impress your audience at any time!

Incredibly visual and breathtaking! The Imagination Box will do everything for you and will spice up your magic tricks! Keep your Imagination Box with you everywhere.

No need to take your cards out of the box. They will remain inside it during your performance, so you can be ready to remove them and start a new card trick at any time!

This tool will really change the way you perform your tricks and will give you new ideas every day!

Do not delay, watch the trailer! Your Imagination Box is waiting for you!

If you dream of having a unique style, start thinking outside the box. With the Imagination Box, you will be on the right track!

• No special skill required
• Erasable sticker provided (whiteboard marker not provided)
• Endless possibilities (switches, appearances, T&R card/picture, Drawing to Reality, etc....)
• Extremely visual

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